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Quality Assurance

"The best way to escape from a problem is to solve it." — Alan Saporta 

Primary Goals looks at Quality Assurance as a process that is fully integrated with multiple business units. QA is a mind set, more so than just an activity. Under ideal cases, QA comes in contact with nearly all aspects of the way a business operates, with the overarching goal of achieving excellence.

The diagram below helps visualize the relationship between Quality Assurance, Configuration Management, and Testing efforts. It also shows one reason why QA and QC are used interchangeably, even when they refer to very different disciplines.

When you are ready to elevate your testing and configuration management efforts into a more formalized process that looks at the interactions of all departments, then contact Primary Goals and we'll show you how to get from wherever you are, to where you wish to be.

QA-CM-Test Venn Diagram Defect Tracking Fields Common CM Tools


Quality Assurance
Testing (Quality Control)
A mind set that focuses on doing everything as well as possible. An activity that looks for where things were not done as well as they could be done.
QA requires high levels of interaction and an ability to understand the needs of multiple people, groups, and stakeholders to make effective decisions on balance. Test requires high levels of technical skill to execute procedures for validation and an ability to communicate the impact of what was discovered.
Requires a passion for excellence and an ability to collaborate with teams to bridge the gap from status quo towards a more ideal state. (cf.: Appreciative Inquiry) Requires a keen ability to find where things break, and a desire to find things wrong.
The how and why of the way we do things. The what and when of the way we do things.
Are the business requirements an accurate reflection of the customer's needs? (Doing the right thing.) Does the product satisfy the requirements, as written? (Doing things right.)
Serve as a customer advocate, representing their needs regarding measurable business value. Serve as a customer advocate representing their needs regarding usability accuracy, and reliability.